Collection: Cancer Awareness Tee's

At we enjoy poking fun at ourselves, and at the same time, celebrating the confidence and allure of bald men. But bald isn't just something that happens to or becomes a style choice for men.  Unfortunately, it is also a side effect of the treatment for cancer, and we understand the serious impact this could have on a woman or child going through this. Therefore, on this page we switch to serious, and extend our love and support to the brave women and children facing baldness due to treatment. These specially designed t-shirts stand as symbols of solidarity, strength, and beauty. By choosing these tees you help empower those navigating a challenging journey.  Together, we redefine beauty and make a positive impact in the lives of those in need. With this in mind Bald-Guyz will donate a portion of all sales from the purchases in this collection to fight breast and children's cancer.